As a leading coaching provider in this field, we guarantee the sustainable implementation of desired content …

(instead of just know-how transfer and provision of tools)

… through permanent and measurable development of thought patterns and behaviors

Among other things with the:

Online Training
based on the ASC method



By the participants through permanent self-experience in their personal practice over a longer period,

from self-knowledge to self-control to achieve optimal environment integration.


… as well as with the

Knowledge, Network & Profits



Through an online training with the uniquedidactics of the ASC method.

A permanently available closed and supervised community with ongoing best practice exchange.

A 24/7 implementation support by a personal coach with active coaching.

… and especially with the

Your Best Friend


In order to achieve real, authentic, enduring development, it is not enough to put an image or video course with a few documents online. Webinars alone are also unsuitable. Not to mention seminars, lectures and workshops, which can give strong input, but have only a very low implementation rate.

In order to achieve a demonstrable, measurable and lasting development of thought patterns, behaviour patterns and abilities, permanent self-awareness over a longer period of time in connection with many other holistically coordinated didactic elements is necessary. This is what online training with the ASC method offers.

No matter whether you want to complete one of our current online trainings or whether we are allowed to create your own online training according to the ASC method with your contents: You always benefit from the most effective online training with measurable and lasting development.


A protected environment is important for real development. There are countless forums and communities on the Internet. What is the difference to the TRANSFER COACH FRIENDS platform? Well, there are only people on the FRIENDS platform who want more from life. Those who want to be privately (even) more satisfied and professionally (even) more successful.

On the FRIENDS platform you will find ONLY people who have goals, want to develop and are willing to do something for it! In contrast to most other people in our daily environment, these people motivate, challenge and support you. The result is a unique network with a lot of exchange and opportunities.

There are no cat videos, no food pictures and other entries, which may be nice, but do not help you. Therefore, you will find hundreds of training videos, manuals, checklists and other knowledge material for your success. The FRIENDS platform is moderated & managed by TRANSFER COACHES, so it’s all about your goals.


Imagine, you are about to train your abilities… and suddenly you have an important question. Or you’re in a situation where you could be in urgent need of advice. Normally you would be on your own now and would have to wait days or weeks to discuss your question with a professional.

At TRANSFER COACH you always get support from your coach, whom you can write to around the clock for all questions, simply by text message on your mobile phone. You don’t know what to do? Do you have a question? Need a tip? Your 24/7 Personal Coach is always available for you. Whether professionally or privately – we are always there for you.

Your TRANSFER COACH will also get in touch with you if he feels that motivation is necessary and that you need support. He has an overview of your goals, knows where you stand, gets in touch with you when the occasion arises and remembers, advises, motivates and supports you. To make it easier for you to stick to your goal.

TRANSFER COACH ® coaches with the ASC method Europe’s proven most sustainable method in personality development.

The original since 2002

The Adler Social Coaching Method ® (ASC Method®) was developed between 2000 and 2002. It is protected by copyright and trademark law. Each application only with written permission.

The ASC Method®

The ASC Method® is a behavioral training model which achieves a Europe-wide unique sustainability in the development of thinking and behavior patterns

This unique sustainable approach will be achieved over a longer period of time, mainly through the 3-phase development steps and permanent self-experience, in continuous steps and supported by a consistent and linked structure of all elements of the methodology pyramid.

The permanent implementation and self-experience in the personal practice achieves a particularly motivating and development-promoting identification. For this it is necessary that the content to be conveyed is didactically prepared in such a way that it can be integrated into everyday life.

Sustainability can only be achieved through stringent, continuous building up of experience and the associated development of thought patterns, behaviours and skills. Everything else is simply information and/or entertainment.

Developed by Eric Adler – today many training providers work with this revolutionary method or have based on the ASC method®.

TRANSFER COACH® is proud to have the developer of this Europe-wide, most sustainable development method on board as MASTER COACH. All coaches at TRANSFER COACH® are trained and led by Eric Adler.

A small excerpt who has already trusted our founder Eric Adler, the ASC method and TRANSFER COACH.

We say thank you!

Letters of reference and information on the individual projects are available on request.


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Noun, neuter (the)

A special form of coaching with intensive and permanent
accompaniment in daily individual practice.


Strong verb

Derived from TARNSFER COACH® colloquial name:
To implement, apply and live what you have learnt


Noun, masculine (the)

A 24/7 available online coach who can be reached at any time and is
available to advise in any situation.